Resolutions You Could Fulfil If You Won Lotto

2017 has begun and it’s the time that some people start working on their New Year’s resolutions. It’s the perfect time to find opportunities and make goals for changes to improve your life.

New Year’s resolutions are a tradition a lot of people think about, but not always follow through with. Have you ever come up with the New Year’s resolution that seems too much like a fantasy?

For some people, winning the lotto is one of their New Year’s resolutions! But have you ever thought that winning lotto could be the something you need to kick start all the resolutions you keep pushing back for the following year?

If you won lotto, what would your resolutions be?

Buy a new house

You may have set a goal to purchase a new property in the New Year. Buying a house could be the biggest purchase in your life. Whether it’s your home or for an investment, for most people it’s a big decision. Winning the lotto would definitely help you reach your goal in owning your dream home.

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Travel the world

There are people born with Wanderlust and have the urge to travel to different destinations around the world whenever they can.  To do this, most people need to juggle their work life and their travel to make sure they keep up the funds to pay for their adventures.  Winning the lotto would take the stress off needing to work and give you more time to travel and explore the world!


Volunteer and give to charity

Volunteering and helping a charity can be a rewarding experience for many. You could be time poor or not have as much spare cash as you would like to donate towards your favourite charity. However, if you won lotto you could have both!


Reinvent yourself

There were some theories going around that the year 2016 was for endings and 2017 is for new beginnings. What a better way to start of the new year by reinventing yourself to be a bigger and better version of yourself! If you won the lotto, your options are endless.  You could move, change your clothing style, car, or even get a new hair cut easily with the extra cash you’ve won and not feel guilty about it!


Start a savings or investment plan

Thinking about retiring or just wanting to improve your future? Winning the lotto could help you set up your savings or investment plan.


Take a second honeymoon

Did life happen and you weren’t able to go on the honeymoon you really wanted? Was it good enough but could have been better?  Winning the lotto can help you plan your dream holiday with your partner to make sure this one is the one to remember!

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Eat healthier

Eating healthier is often a challenging goal for most people. Sometimes it’s hard finding the time to cook healthy food, or sourcing the healthy groceries. If you won lotto you could cut back on the excuses including not enough money to buy healthy food. You could even hire a private chef to plan and prepare your meals each day.  You could set up a few fail-proof plans for your healthy eating goals if you won lotto!


Enjoy life to the fullest

Money can sometimes be the biggest constraint holding people back from doing the things they want. Their financial situation could cause stress, anxiety and other problems.  Imagine what your life would be without this extra stress.

Winning the lotto can help you achieve many of your New Year’s resolutions, but it’s important to remember to have goals set! Winning the lotto might not bring you happiness on its own, but it can help you fulfil your goals and give you that sense of completion.

Try your luck on a lottery ticket or charity lottery draw and you might get the kick start you need to fulfil your New Year’s resolutions!

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